Medical Aids

There is quite a few medical aids which value the professional importance of a midwife and midwife services in South Africa…find out who they are, and if they cover/ work in good relation with your chosen midwife. 

There is also (big) medical aids that claim they do, and then don’t. Check the nitty gritty of your contract, phone the helpline and dig deep. If your medical aid is not transparent or cannot give you exact amounts they’ll pay…move on and move fast. There is also the possibility to chance over to a different more accommodating medical aid, but mostly the rule for non exclusion is membership of longer than 2 yrs , without breaks on your current medical aid.

There are also different options to get your money back…one through SARS and the other if you perhaps have gap cover. Other products like Medi Wallet is also to your avail to pay for medical expenses. Speak to your midwife and find out the options .

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