Birth and Water Birth

During a home birth a mother is given time to calmly labour and birth her baby.  The atmosphere is calm and romantic, allowing all the happy hormones to flow and allowing the birthing mother to settle into her own rythm and trust her own body.

The healing and soothing force of water

Water, especcially warm water, is an excellent form of pain relief to use during labour and I have found that all woman find the relief that the water brings heavenly once they give it a try.

Whether you choose to birth at your home or at The Birthroom, we will always have a birth pool available and it is included in your birth fee.

This does not mean that you have to have your baby in the water – if you feel comfortable in the water, when the time comes, it is perfectly safe to have your baby in the water. 

You may also choose to get out of the water to birth your baby.

The Birth Room

You may also choose to have your baby at my practice in The Birth Room

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