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What is a Private Midwife?

Registered Private Midwife

Registered private midwives in South Africa are registered with the South African Nursing council and have studied and qualified as nurses, then specialised further in Midwifery. 

Midwives are very well trained healthcare professionals and governed by law to practice in an ethical, legal and consistently professional manner.

I am registered with the South African Nursing council. I am a Private Midwife as I practise from my own rooms where I see clients facilitate home births ( out of hospital births) either at The Birthroom or your home. 

A registered Private Midwife can be your Primary caregiver during pregnancy this means that they attend/ your birth and deliver your baby at home or a birth room and give prenatal and post partum care to you and your newborn. 

I always aim to ensure the mother and baby’s safety at all times, and to
know my own clinical practice limitations and when to refer for obstetric support.

As a Private Midwife I stive to reduce anxiety around pregnancy and birth and to support mothers in giving birth in the most natural and non-
invasive way possible.