About Nicolene & Moms and Miracles

I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and babies.

I am a registered SANC Independent  Midwife and Private Nurse Practitioner. I did my first homebirth in 2008.

I live in Paarl with my husband and 2 sons.

I love my calling and I am living my passion.

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How does one become a midwife? This is my story...

After completing my high school career, I was fortunate to job shadowing in my then hometown, at a smalltown Karoo Hospital.

Little did I know that my “calling” was going to kick in on my first day, when I witnessed the wonder of new life…from that moment on I knew that midwifery was my calling. I knew this is what I want to do, want to be, I had just been born as a midwife.

I went home later that day, feeling more fulfilled than  I have ever felt in my whole life.  I could not wait to go back to the hospital the next morning to make a difference. I still completed a year of social work studies ( thx dad for making me do that) it taught me compassion. After my Registered nurse studies I completed my Midwifery studies in 1993.

I love my calling.

Work History & Qualifications


  • Otto Du Plessis Nursing College 1998 – 1993

I am a Registered with:

  • UKCC (1993 – 1996)
  • SANC (1988 – Current)
  • BHF (1998 – Current)
  • PCNS (1990 -Current)

Work Experience:

I lived and worked in North Wales UK , from Jan 1994 till Dec 1995.

When back in South Africa, I worked  at  a busy orthopedics practice while bringing up my first born. I also registered as a private practitioner an got my practice number in 1989. This was the opening door and dream come true to start my own practice.

 I am proud to say that the Dischem group of pharmacy clinics started with my idea when they were still operating under the Westerman name. This also opened doors to research.

I worked as a study coordinator  at University of Stellenbosch in the Surgery and Obstetrics department from 1998 – 2008, through which I gathered enough knowledge and clinical experience to follow my dream.

It was not long after starting childbirth education classes and well baby clinic or the first mommy asked me to be her midwife at her planned homebirth. 

What a blessing, and a dream come true.  At the time of the request I was freelancing  at the local government hospital, to update my knowledge and skills in maternity. The birth was amazing and the first of many to come. ( 2008, first homebirth as an independent Midwife)

Since then, I am living my passion and  working  in my calling.


“She is simply brilliant at breastfeeding support and newborns… Every home visit she made after the birth of my babies was like I was being rescued from drowning in a sea of tired, emotional, concerns that only a mother of a newborn can feel. She knew just what to say and do. My hope has been that no mother would settle for less than the excellent care of a capable midwife like her!“  – M Selle

What is a Registered Independent Midwife

Registered Independent Midwives in South Africa are registered with the South African Nursing council and have studied and qualified as nurses, then specialised further in Midwifery. 

Midwives are very well trained healthcare professionals and governed by law to practice in an ethical, legal and consistently professional manner. 

A registered Independent Midwife can be your Primary caregiver during pregnancy this means that they attend/ your birth and deliver your baby at home or a birth room and give prenatal and post partum care to you and your newborn.

A registered Independent Midwife is a highly trained medical professional and will ensure the mother and baby’s safety at all times

An Independent Midwife strives to reduce anxiety around pregnancy and birth and to support mothers in giving birth in the most natural and non-invasive way possible.




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