About Nicolene and Moms and Miracles

I am passionate about pregnancy birth and babies.  I live in Paarl with my husband and 2 sons. 

I did my nursing training at Otto DuPlessis Nursing College affiliated with Tygerberg Hospital and University of Stellenbosch. Specialising in midwifery( 1988 till 1994)

I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife, registered at SANC,UKCC, BHF & PCNS.

I lived and worked in North Wales UK , from Jan 1994 till Dec 1995.

When back in South Africa, I worked  at  a busy orthopaedics practise while bringing up my first born. I also registered as a private practitioner an got my practise number in 1989. This was the opening door and dream come true to start my own practise.

Soon after I started the pharmacy clinic concept. I ran 10 pharmacy clinics with 6 full time clinic sr’s working alongside myself. I am proud to say that the Dischem group of pharmacy clinics started with my idea when they were still operating under the Westerman name. This also opened doors to research.

My youngest were born in 1995, and at that stage I were doing clinical research at University of Stellenbosch in the Surgery and Obsteterics departement. After 9 yrs in clinical research and enough knowledge I decided its’s time to follow my dream. 

It was not long after starting childbirth education classes and well baby clinic or the first mommy asked me to be her midwife at her planned homebirth. What a blessing, and a dream come true.

At the time of the request I was freelancing  at the local government hospital, to update my knowledge and skills in maternity. The birth was amazing and the first of many to come. ( 2008, first homebirth as an independent Midwife)

Since then, I am living my passion and  working  in my calling.

How does a person become a midwife?

This is my story…..

As a small girl me and my sis always played out scenarios…me as the nurse bandaging wounds she always teaching children…We used red koki pen’s inside filt , put in water to make “blood”.

After school real life scenarios had to kick in. My dad thought that I needed to go and study social work, and enrolled me at Hugenot College, but before starting my studies there were a long holiday ahead and holiday work was put out  for me at the local hospital.

I was very excited to actually “play” nurse in real life,  a favourite activity of my childhood.

Little did I know that the “calling” would kick in on my first day…

I was orientated and followed the ward sister everywhere. I was her shadow and her helper…observing everything she did. Listening to everything she said. 

She was the perfect role model.

I was fascinated.

A call came in to casualty with a patient that had been in a serious motor vehicle accident. It was the driver of the truck, and he was in serious pain, his femur fractured. Everyone sparked by his arrival in the small town emergancy unit, putting up drips, id bands, giving injections, asking questions, admitting him and organising his transport to a secondary hospital. Wow adrenalin rush! This was my first patient ever.

A young  heavily pregnant mom, with labour pains, arrived walking in just as we left the casualty ward. (my second patient ever) The sister put her in a wheel chair and took her to the labour room. 

Upon examination she found that the baby will be born soon. 

She kept the lights dimmed, we were surrounded by darkness and quietness, with only the moms soft primal labouring sounds to be heard. 

The baby made her entrance softly smoothly and without complications into the world supported only by the quiet midwife’s hands …her only presence….I was stunned…goosebumps everywhere…tears in my eyes…I have witnessed a miracle, Gods Grace and at this point in time  felt the calling of becoming a midwife. 

I knew this is what I want to do, want to be, I had just been born as a midwife!

I went home later that day, feeling more fullfilled than  I have ever felt in my whole life.  

I could not wait to go back to the hospital the next morning to make a differance.

I still completed a year of social work studies ( thx dad for making me do that) it taught me compassion.

After my Registered nurse studies I completed my Midwifery studies in 1993.

I love my calling.

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