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I offer birth support and advice – Please contact me for more information or book an appointment to discuss your birth options.

Antenatal Care

These are check-up visits, done during the months before you give birth. You may book a visit even if you are not going to birth with me. 

A typical visit includes:

  • A chat about how you are, addressing any questions or concerns.
  • Urine test
  • Weight recording
  • HB test (iron)
  • Blood pressure measurement & Pulse check
  • External measurement of the fundus and feeling the lie of the baby
  • Checking and Listening to the heartbeat of your baby.

Please read the how does home birth work detailed article for more info on when, how many visits etc.

Price: R700 

Antenatal Classes

I combine my years of experience and study to give you well rounded guidance for your birthing journey. 

Choose between: Online/virtual, group or private classes.

 I also offer My Birthing kit classes and am a registered practitioner .

Postnatal Care

Postnatal refers to the period after the birth of your baby, also called the “fourth trimester”.

Postnatal checks and visits can be done at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

Comprehensive care is offered to mom and baby. From Lactation support to weighing your precious one and guiding you through the early days of motherhodd.

Price R700 -R1200

Well Baby Clinic

From babies through to teens.

  • Vaccinations
  • Weaning and feeding advice
  • Milestone and developmental checks.
  • Postnatal visit
  • Breastfeeding consultation.
  • Parent support through all stages of childhood.

Costs: R250 – R1200 per visit depending on the time spent and topics covered.


Breastfeeding Support

Post birth in hospital or in the comfort of your own home.

As a member of ILCA, I have helped many a mommy and baby to find their way in understanding each other in the early days of breastfeeding to sustain breastfeeding confidently and comfortably.

Price: R1200 for 90 min 

Women's Wellness Care

  • Contraception advice and support for all ages
  • Pap smear
  • DNA Analysis testing
  • Procreation planning consultations
  • Grow baby practitioner
  • Contraceptive implantation devices ie: Implanon, Marena, Copper T

Price: R250 -R750 depending on time spent and topics covered. and 

Home Visits

I offer the following as home visits:

  • Antenatal check-up 
  • Postnatal check-up 
  • Breast feeding consultation
Please WhatsApp for the above appointments. Costs and travel costs will be communicated and payment must be done before visits, via a Yoco link that will be sent to you.
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“Nicolene is die engel in ons huis wat altyd tyd het, altyd wyse raad het en die ondersteuning bied wat brood nodig is met n newborns, inentings, kinders se onderrig, gesondheid, groei en algehele welsyn. Sy borrel oor van passie vir haar werk en doen dit met soveel oorgawe en liefde! Sy is soos familie met voordele want haar ondervinding, raad en hulp is “priceless”… jy is my SOS! Dankbaar vir jou in ons lewens! Ons kinders dink jy is die BESTE kliniek tannie!!👌🏻5ster diens, ervaring, detail en passie!” -L. Du Plooy

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